The HOUSE of LOULOU was founded in 2012 by the young and talented designer, Andra Turcanu. The brand reflects both her great personality and vision on modern femininity, therefore Loulou’s iconic silhouette is delicate and luxuriant, but at the same time truly empowering. The House takes pride in the artisan techniques and unique concepts that come together in an ethereal, timeless aesthetic. Intricate embroideries, architectural cuts and high-end fabrics perfectly harmonize in sumptuous, signature designs.

In 2017, Loulou has begun its rebranding process, aiming to reach a stronger aesthetic and a clearer positioning among the truly gifted couturiers. The house has set its brand values and the loudest ones are self-awareness and power silhouettes, all celebrated with high-end textures and embellishments.


THE design

Loulou’s designs are a real celebration of femininity in all its meaning! The essence of each piece lies in the high craftsmanship and in the strong passion, conspicuously sensed in each and every little detail. Intricate appliqué detailing, exclusive concepts and premium materials masterfully create designs that can be easily styled in both day-chic and gala looks. The iconic design can basically be defined as "couture with a twist". A quintessentially stylish twist.








Andra Turcanu



Andra Turcanu is the founder, CEO and Creative Director of Loulou. With a rich background in both design and marketing, Andra found it easily to combine business with pleasure in a successful concept which today is known as the glorious House of Loulou. The name of the brand comes from her early age nickname “Loulou”, appellative that her loved ones used to call her by.

A great feminist, Andra celebrates the women’s graceful figure through every piece she creates. She has a fascinating gift and desire of encouraging women to love themselves and to celebrate their inside-out beauty everyday. And since a celebration is nothing without ‘fireworks’, she introduced lustrous embroidery and luxuriant finishes among the core attributes of her brand’s aesthetic.