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Who's that girl?

Infusing its designs for the fall—winter season of 2019 with a dramatic, subversive, deconstructed, yet heartfelt and quite playful vibe, the house of LOULOU offers a vibrant collection of western—grunge silhouettes of the new age, a modern rock-and-roll ultra—feminine revival, a tribute to the idyllic atmosphere and the romantic “forever young” Top Gun attitude of the nineties.
Quintessential to LOULOU’s identity, the leitmotif of the flamboyant Angel Wings and last season’s most coveted masterpiece, the Angel Jumpsuit, both make spectacular comebacks. The DNA pillars of LOULOU’s creative universe get reinterpreted with exquisite sartorial taste, updated with playful country style elements and infused, occasionally, with an effervescent touch of vivid magenta.
The ultra—flare effect of tulle appliqués, resulting in tight pants with a cowboy vibe; the wide ruffled single sleeve, the extra low—cut back and the half-a-dress exquisite addition — here are just a few of the tailoring twists reinventing the Angel Jumpsuit for the next season.
Ranging from deep black to bright pink, from colorful feathers to sheer tulle, from exaggerated shoulders to asymmetric positioning or proportions, in the autumn/winter of 2019 the Angel Wings return to embellish much more than blazers — you can see them adding their dramatic flair to almost any garment, form elegant dresses and sexy clubbing ensembles to casual t-shirts.

Sexy corset bras featuring exaggerated silky bows heat up the casualness of cozy sweatshirts, coming together to propose a contemporary, dynamic and upbeat Madonna silhouette

Cascades of sheer tulle ruffles blow things out of proportions, creating wonderful volumetric games on dresses and an overall undeniable feeling of fun and excitement.
Bold hues of pink and dusty purple, as well as the newly added glittery effect on denim and cotton, build to the cinematic street wise effect of the collection, while providing a new context frame for LOULOU’s more traditional, recurrent elements, like the sparkling beads, rhinestones and fringes or the transparent fishnets insertions.

Expect to be seduced by its unique blend of fabrics, cuts and styling elements, as they all come together in a disruptive and altogether perfect picture... encapsulating the glamorous, controversial fuss that is the nowadays woman.