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Founded in 2012 by Creative Designer Andra Turcanu in Bucharest, Romania, LOULOU is a fashion and accessories design studio renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and eclectic creativity. With a vision that embraces both Eastern European cultural heritage and contemporary innovation, the brand captivates fashion enthusiasts around the world with its modern interpretations of femininity and artistic flair.


The essence of LOULOU's distinctive style is multifaceted and alluring — a fusion of elegance, whimsical charm, and vibrant energy. The brand's creations possess a playful decadence, coupled with a hint of audacity and a touch of pop culture. LOULOU epitomises a distinct form of luxury that sets it apart from the refined and impeccably tailored aesthetic commonly associated with designer fashion. Instead, it heralds a new era of modern opulence, drawing inspiration from the lavish lifestyles and unrestrained spirit of 90s pop icons like Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, as well as the trailblazing glamour girls of today, including Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga.


As an Eastern-European women-owned brand developed from the grounds up in the culturally transformative, challenging landscape of Romania, the business of LOULOU is an example of hard earned success and entrepreneurship, while the brand itself empowers and uplifts women as the driving force behind design creation and fashion innovation.


Designer Andra Turcanu, a proud native Romanian, combines her cultural heritage with a global perspective honed through her extended experience in the fashion industry. Andra's expertise is rooted in refined techniques and a deep understanding of the artistry behind fashion, which she has earned while working side by side for years with local artisans. Andra speaks proudly and from the heart and has spent the past 11 years infusing her vibrant, passionate persona into LOULOU. As a result, LOULOU has become not only a fashion line of luxury club and casual wear with a couture twist and a rich Eastern- European legacy, but also an example of the entrepreneurial spirit of women, showcasing their ability to shape the fashion industry with their unique vision and uncompromising dedication.




From a creative perspective, with a long-term resolute focus on celebrating the heritage and the art of craftsmanship of Eastern European artisans, the brand has evolved to intertwine the skilled manufacture with a nineties’ pop-culture aesthetic nostalgia and a visionary approach to contemporary fashion. LOULOU's dedication to preserving traditional, handmade, craftsmanship shines through in every stitch, embellishment and meticulously chosen detail. Through its commitment to the art of craftsmanship, LOULOU amplifies the narratives of gifted artisans, creating a platform that allows their talents to shine on a global stage.


From an emotional perspective, LOULOU tells women that life is a journey and it is ok to not know where you are, to be in a constant state of self discovery. At the same time, the brand believes that great style thrives on self-confidence and individuality, and its goal has always been to empower women to identify, embrace and cherish these amazing qualities within themselves. With every signature garment, LOULOU aims to become the first fashion choice for the bold, spirited women around the world, by delivering high-quality designs crafted with passion, purpose and the sartorial excellence. LOULOU stands for achieving the highest standards in all areas of activity – from generating spectacular designs to ensuring a flawless production and providing high-quality services to customers, LOULOU aims to become synonymous with excellence.


Finally, from a sustainability perspective, LOULOU exemplifies its commitment by prioritising up-cycling and repurposing dead stock, and transforming discarded materials into fresh and exciting pieces for the brand’s new collections. By breathing new life into these resources, LOULOU commits to reducing waste and minimises its environmental impact. Moreover, the brand diligently uses recycled materials for its packaging, working to align its future operations with its eco-conscious vision. Through these thoughtful initiatives, LOULOU supports sustainable fashion and is keen on making further efforts to create a more responsible and mindful industry.